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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Quick Debunk: Flat Earth is Full of Fail at Long Distances

This video is full of "Flat Earth Long Distance PROOFS!" DERP.

I've already covered a lot of these claims here or similar claims on the Blog.

Many of those are just flat out lies where the error's made are so inexcusably large as to be unforgivable by pleading ignorance.

#1 zooming in: BZZZT you've merely zoomed into something that was SMALL but not at a sufficient distance to be OVER the horizon (Blog Entry on Zoom).

#2 I haven't covered but is the same nonsense where they've excluded and ignored the observer height.. From 20 feet up only 50 feet would hidden EASILY allowing the 80 foot tall light atop the lighthouse to be seen from 14 miles [CALCULATE IT]

#3 is very clearly curved in the image in the video -- which is just hilarious -- I covered a similar meme on the Blog.

#4 Atlanta skyline -- again gives DROP when the observer is clearly very high up - LYING by ignoring the observer height. Probably lies about the distance also.  Note how they give NO DETAILS about the image.

#5 Corsica from Nice -- Posts a FAKE image -- that isn't the view from Nice (this is).

And it's completely consistent with the Globe model while the FLat Earth model is missing THOUSANDS OF FEET from the bottom of the mountains.

#6 Lovland to Pikes Peak -- again, observer is way up high and we can still only see just the very top of Pikes Peak -- completely consistent with Globe.

#7 Denali - from some random spot they claim is 130 miles
Denali = 20,320 feet high
130 miles 0% refraction = 10,090 feet OBSCURED -- so that would leave 1/2 the mountain still visible
130 miles 7% refraction = 9315.1 feet OBSCURED -- a little bit more -- this is probably more accurate
Flat Earth is missing at least 10,000 feet of the mountain -- WHERE IS IT?   Globe might be "missing' a few hundred feet.

This view is COMPLETELY consistent with the Globe model.

#8 Denali from Hilltop -- COMPLETE fucking lie - that's NOT EVEN DENALI.  And it's not 140 MILES it's 140 KM -- so again, EXACTLY consistent with Globe model

Do you sense a theme yet?

#8 another completely nonsense "No curvature" assertion when you can see VERY CLEARLY in the image that about 80% of the mountain is missing and you see only the peaks.

Here is how you compare.

See how much of the mountain goes missing?

Another with Mt. Rainer

#9 Zach's laser experiments are a complete farce.

#10 top image is curvilinear lens bending the actual curvature to near flat, the others are just a joke, bottom right SHOWS horizon curving!
I cover that high altitude balloon video in detail on the blog.

#11 seeing 173 miles -- you can see 300 miles under ideal conditions if you are 16k' and the mountain is 16k'

Again -- he first calculates 'curvature' which means NOTHING.  And 8"*miles^2 is only accurate for ~100 miles - as you get further it underestimates the actual curvature.

So let's see you have Ferrand at 392 km and 2758 m and he later says "ok maybe we're 9251 feet".

That means the obscured height is only 786 METERS from a 2758 meter high mountain.  If you do the overlay you'll find that's just about how much of the mountain we ACTUALLY can see.

So again -- GLOBE WINS, Flat Earth is MISSING 800 meters of mountain.

#12 Railguns I cover here -- they DO NOT fire line of sight, I cite the PATENTS and other material showing that the 100 mile shot goes... SIXTY FUCKING KILOMETERS INTO THE AIR

This is Video is FULL of FAIL.

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