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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Quick Debunk: Zach's Laser Experiments - falsified data or just complete incompetence?

Zach and his team of dedicated Flat Earthers claim their laser measurements prove the Earth is flat.

First, they claim there is "No Beam Spread" - their own images prove this utterly false.

And they marked reflections off the guys jacket, the metal pole, and camera lens heights instead of measuring the actual beam -- because as you see above the beam was meters wide by even that short distance.

I have detailed this out in this montage -- you can see that even when the glint off something shiny is LOWER in the boat than a previous image they marked it as higher in their data.

There is no way a reasonable person could look at these images and say that there was "no beam spreading" or that the data is valid or matches the observations.

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