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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Where was my Moon?

A few months ago I took a random picture of the Moon using my Theodolite app (on iPhone 7 Plus), which records the date, time, azimuth/horizontal angle, and altitude/elevation angle, and thought I would check it against a couple of sources: data for this date, time, and location

Yup, it's where it should be -- I'm pointed low and to the right a bit.


Moon - Az/Alt: +275°09'58.1"/+29°52'47.0" (apparent)

The Altitude is within a fraction of a degree, the Azimuth of my device isn't terribly accurate (it wiggles around actively) because it's based partially on the magnetic reading -- so it's off by maybe 3-4 degrees.

To get an accurate heading we need to align to the stars and that's just not built-into phones yet.  I'll be able to do it with my telescope pretty soon but I won't always have that with me -- but that should give me similar accuracy with heading measurements (if not better -- possibly down to a few arcseconds - but it depends upon the care with which I calibrate and align my telescope).

Quick Thoughts: Telescopes and the Flat Earth

I don't even know what to do with this information other than share it...

Does this guy REALLY not understand that it's just a database of where to point in the sky?  There is no projector or imager in the telescopes.

You get worse images from these smaller scopes than you get from mine, which is fully manual and you can look inside the tube and even disassemble the tube completely and verify there are just 2 mirrors in there -- the larger one is on the back and the smaller one angles the light up into the eyepiece, which is at the front where the light comes in.

Meade LX70 R6

But, of course, the illuminaughty are all powerful and can apparently embed billions of images into the very mirror itself along with sensors so it knows exactly where it is and which way it's pointing -- I'm assuming this is all alien technology that nobody else seems to have...

And yet, when I point it at terrestrial objects I see them perfectly clearly (albeit inverted).

He was unable to say specifically what was 'false' about it, but you know, he just KNOWS it is false, cuz magic.

Do they have any ACTUAL evidence this is taking place?  No

Archived Images:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Quick Debunk: Stars would run out of Oxygen

Wow, I don't even know where to start on this one?

However, if you are a Christian Flat Earther and you believe that Bearing False Witness is a sin then you might want to try to at LEAST understand the actual model before you bear false witness against it.

You can think the model is WRONG but you can't just lie about it.

And backup image:

Ok -- the MODEL is that the Sun is a giant ball of mostly HYDROGEN gas 1.989 × 10³⁰ kg

This amount of mass, thanks to Gravity (and yes, I know Flat Earthers deny gravity but that IS THE MODEL -- and they have yet to actually disprove anything -- and Einstein already 'disproved gravity' because under Relativity it's a fictitious force), creates tremendous pressure which causes some of the Hydrogen to fuse into Helium which releases a tremendous amount of energy as Helium has slightly less mass (and E=mc²) -- and eventually heavier elements are also created (and most of the elements heavier than Iron come from Supernova and Neutron star collisions).

There is NO OXYGEN involved -- Oxygen is PRODUCED by this nuclear synthesis in fact.

I suggest you research nucleosynthesis beyond this because it also matches up the amount of each element we observe in the universe pretty well with Nuclear theory.  And when we've believed we found a disagreement, so far, it's always been found that we had made an error (like excluding Neutron Star collisions was a big one).

There are many ways that we know the mass and composition of the Sun.

First we observed how angles work and how a more distant object appears to move less in your angular vision than a closer object.  From this we worked out how to use this Parallax effect to find the distances to things.  From this you can find the approximate distance to the Moon (and now we can bounce lasers and radar off the moon and use signal propagation times to directly measure the speed and distance to the Moon).  Using the Moon you can get a good estimate of the distance to Venus.  And then they used a Solar Transit of Venus to find the parallax of the Sun and get a good estimate of that distance.

If the Sun and Moon were only 3000 miles away and the ground was flat you could TRIVIALLY take any two people 100 miles apart and measure the angles to the Moon and Sun and find the distance.  That doesn't work because the Sun is EXTREMELY distant which means the observed Parallax is TOO SMALL TO USEFULLY MEASURE (at least without heroic efforts).

Once you work out the orbits for all these objects you can use this information to deduce their Mass as well.

I'm not going to do all that here -- it is extremely well published and covered in every elementary book on the subject.

The point here is that Flat Earthers continue to lie about everything while whining that other people who aren't lying are lying to them (because they lack the education to understand or analyze the subject matter properly).

Earth's Rotation

Flat Earthers lie about the Michelson–Morley experiment and claim it shows stationary Earth but that is simply not what it was built to test.  You want the Michelson–Gale–Pearson experiment (1925), The Effect of the Earth's Rotation On The Velocity Of Light which very definitely was built for this purpose and gave a positive result.

A giant, modern version is just becoming operational and will measure changes in Earth rotation from earthquakes, weather, tsunamis, etc: Rotational Motions in Seismology (ROMY)

I've also previously posted about the Compton experiment measured the rotation of the Earth using a tube of water with small particulates (How Compton computed Latitude, direction to North, and length of a day).

Gyrocompasses find geocentric North using the spin of the Earth, here is one in operation:

Every major ship in every Navy was fitted with Gyrocompasses around the time of World War II because they are far superior to a magnetic compass -- most big ships today still have modern versions and more are moving to MEMS/FOGS/Ring Laser gryocompasses (MK39 4A Ring Laser).

Here is how Gyrocompasses are designed (notice how they are NOT simply toy gyros):

SAGNAC ring detecting Earth spin (and many scientific studies)

PS Move detecting Earth spin

Wolfie6020 tests Earth spin with a mass at different latitudes

And there are THOUSANDS of other scientific papers and experiments on Earth's Spin.

It's fine if you don't want to trust existing science -- in fact, it's NOT science if the methods aren't published for replication -- but it's also NOT FINE to lie about things you don't understand and haven't personally tested -- or when shown that your test methodology is flawed to fail to correct it (as is the case with Flat Earthers pretending to test gyroscopes but failing to even ATTEMPT to calculate how much resistence their gyroscope-system has and compare it against the expected forces acting on the gyroscope from Earth's rotation.

They don't show these things because they don't understand them so they put out false videos and credulous Flat Earthers then parrot them like Gospels.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quick Debunk: Russianvids - Nikon P900 Digital Camera Sun Zoomed At Sea At Sunset Proves Flat Earth

I can smell Flat Earth BS from further away than a Nikon P900 can zoom into.

Russianvid? I guess the Russians are trying to undermine world Education by pushing Flat Earth.

Anyway,  Another low quality (stolen?) video proof of 'Flat Earth' cuz zoom right?

In reality, just another example of Flat Earthers not understanding how exposure works.

We've covered this many times but I put together a quick refresher:

So what do we see this video?

Um -- why doesn't it get bigger if we zoomed into ii

We know that zoom doesn't bring back things that are actually over the horizon:

If you want to impress me with your Sunset video make sure I can see some details in the Sun -- ONLY THEN are you getting an accurate measurement of WHERE the sun actually is and what size it is.

To do that you'll need to add a good filter or welding class in front of your lens and THEN you'll see a sun that looks more like this:

And if you REALLY want to get better data, use an actual quality telescope:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Soundly Shows Flat Earthers The Curve

In a rather devastating series of videos and high-resolution photographs Soundly has shown the best evidence for the curvature over the horizon I've seen [Soundly's Google Drive] - thanks to a very long line of equal height towers that stretch over a portion of Lake Pontchartrain.  His first Video includes extended details about exactly where the images were taken.

Observation Height: about 40' above water on the bridge
North Side: Approximate Location: 30° 4'42.40"N, 90°24'20.98"W
South Side: Approximate Location: 30° 4'38.71"N, 90°24'12.66"W
Tall Background Tower (210' - ORS# 22-001038): 30°17'37.59"N, 90°18'38.64"W

IMG_4118 is my personal favorite of the images, which I color balanced and notated - including the perspective lines for the towers.

Where those lines converge is where the horizon would be IF Earth was flat.  That is how the "Vanishing Point" for parallel lines works.  The fact that the horizon is BELOW that point and the fact that the towers clearly fall below these lines shows you the water surface is curved.

Image Credit: Soundly IMG_4118
He has many other images as well -- from the other side of the towers and at night also.  My versions are LOWER resolution than the originals -- click on the Image Credit link to get the full resolution image.

Image Credit: Soundly IMG_4034

Image Credit: Soundly IMG_4037

Image Credit: Soundly IMG_4040

Image Credit: Soundly IMG_4043

Image Credit: Soundly IMG_4049

Image Credit: Soundly IMG_5038

I've said it before and I'll say it again - AGREEMENT WITH MODEL IS NOT PROOF.  This is very good evidence but it COULD BE wrong for some reason.  That's completely fair.

Calling these images "fakes" or dismissing them out of hand however is not genuine scientific inquiry.  Soundly has video, numerous images, and a LIVE STREAM of this area.

There are some videos that fail to show this curve but they are low resolution and blurry and do not refute the authenticity of these images.  I addressed one of them here on my blog.

Curved Tower Line?

So "Zach" made a video which alleged that this "apparent" curvature was due to the towers not being in a straight-line -- of course he very pointedly analyzed the WRONG line of towers which renders his analysis completely moot but I wanted to address this idea that the towers being out of line could cause this view.

So I made a SketchUp model [ Download Sketchup Model ] where I curved the line of towers

The first ~100 towers are in a straight-line, and the rest bow out according to a slight curvature - which is very clear from this angle.

Now let's look down both sides of the towers, first from the side where the towers curve out.  No matter where you cut this we do not see the characteristic downward curve we see in Soundly's images.

And from the other side the towers are so dense you cannot see past them so you just see a truncated line of towers.

Since Soundly has images from BOTH SIDES showing the same downward curve this is very good evidence that it's an actual downward curve and NOT an artifact of the towers being out of line.


Perhaps refraction could be responsible for this effect?

Well, ok -- but normally refraction RAISES more distant objects up and allows us to see very slightly over the horizon that would exist if there was no atmosphere -- this is because light tends to bend towards the more dense air at lower altitudes.  It is POSSIBLE for refraction to reverse direction but since we see evidence of inferior mirages forming right above the horizon in Soundly's image.

For now, these stand as excellent examples of Earth's Curvature.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I suppose this strategy is successful enough with people who don't really know much about just how much data we get from satellites but let's jump down the rabbit hole...

Gosh, if only...  And what does he mean "composite" exactly since EVERY COLOR IMAGE IS A COMPOSITE?  I'll assume he means it's not strips of data so I've given numerous examples here of images that are FULL FRAME images of the Earth. They are ALL composites because all digital images are grayscale and color is applied to at least 3 layers of data to give a color image.  That is how your P900 works also.  It has Red/Green/Blue filters in a matrix that filter out that color of light and render a grayscale data on the sensor, which is then COMPOSITED to form the final color image.

Because we don't have about a MILLION 11000 x 11000 pixel images from Himawari-8, the Japanese weather satellite and Himawari-9 coming online now (click for full resolution image, prepare for a big download):


The idea that all this data is faked and yet matches actual weather patterns is just ridiculous.

Then we have DSCOVR/EPIC (primary mission is solar observations) which has a unique perspective on the Earth being the furthest Earth imaging satellite we have -- it hovers around the Lagrange point 1, which is a stable orbital area located about  930,000 miles from Earth.  Most "full frame" weather satellites are geosynchronous which is "only" about 22,240 miles away (so EPIC is almost 42 times further away).

 At this point the satellite isn't orbiting the Earth but is co-orbiting the Sun along with the Earth so it always faces the sunny side of the Earth -- but since it isn't perfectly centered you can usually see a slight shadow on one edge (which shifts over time).

The Lagrange Points, DSCOVR/EPIC is at L1

EPIC is a little bit older technology now so the CCD is only 2048x2048.

But it takes an image ever hour (in 10 spectra) and you can watch a full year timelapse:

Another new satellite coming online now is GOES-16 which isn't operational yet but is already providing unprecedented views of the Earth.

GOES-16 Comes Online

If you add all the weather satellite data from the past 20 years we have BILLIONS of images and hundreds of thousands of hours of video.

The idea that all of these are simple photoshop images or even the idea that there are millions of planes and balloons scouring the Earth every minute of the day and night so we get accurate image data we can render into globes is just absurd.

What Flat Earth is doing here to taking the fact that NASA themselves explained how they made SOME of the Blue Marble images FROM low-earth-orbit data (~500 miles up) and claiming that shows some grand conspiracy.

If NASA is "lying" why did THEY publish the details of how the images were put together?

NASA: VIIRS Eastern Hemisphere Image - Behind the Scenes

People often balk at this image but this is simply HOW the Earth looks from just 500 miles up, you only see a FRACTION of the Globe - you can recreate this in Google Earth.  THIS IS HOW SPHERES WORK.

From the ISS, 250 miles up, this is all you can see of the Globe because you cannot see past where your line-of-sight is tangent to the surface:

As for his second claim that we see "Top to Bottom" of distant mountains -- that is also just a flat out lie and I've posted a dozen or more of these examples along with my full analysis on my blog: