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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Flat Earth Lies - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

You should pretty much never trust anything a Flat Earther posts. Always verify every detail.

This meme came across my timeline today...
Here is the full sized meme:

So I do the thing where you compress the width of the image to make any horizontal change stand out:

Ok, wow, that is VERY flat.  Maybe a little too flat?

Although I have no idea if their distance measurements are correct.  I seriously doubt that is only 2.9 miles to the horizon, my bet is closer to 10 miles total although the last several miles of that is going to be just a few pixels in this image and you can probably only make out details for about 1 mile.

But I don't trust memes, Flat Earther memes least of all, so I did an image search and found this was the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway taken by Robert Holmes.

You can find that image in several locations, for example, at Travel and Leisure here:

Image Credit: Robert Holmes/CORBIS
I bet you can ALREADY see the issue.  When we compress the width down to 10% on this image we can readily see the curve in the image, as plain as day.

So someone took this image and FAKED IT to make their little meme work.  That had to be a purposeful act so this is a Flat Out Lie.

Now, is this ACTUAL curvature or some lens distortion?  I don't know - seems a bit much for that Field of View so I think only a small part of this is actual curvature but that's not really the point.

But here is what I know for a FACT...

My horizon does NOT extend out forever in a flat line left and right - it CURVES around me in a 360° circle and regardless of your altitude you'll see that horizon circle

curving around you in every direction... Every Time.


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    1. How does your horizon manage to get around behind you then?

  2. said everyone who lives in Kansas and has never left. lol


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