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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Flat Earth Follies: how is it possible I took a picture with clouds behind it

Flat Earth Claim

The Facts

You didn't.  You overwhelmed your camera sensor and the charge bleed into adjacent cells which can be better understood by looking at this YouTube video where the sun appears, not only in front of some clouds, but in front of the power lines.

Please tell me you aren't credulous enough to believe the Sun was literally in between some people and some power lines?


Lack of Research

Handbook of CCD Astronomy (page 17)
CCD Blooming and Anti-Blooming
How To Avoid Blooming

This happens in film also.


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  2. If the Sun were 3000 miles above, clouds 4000 miles and airplanes would fly 6000 miles above, that means we would be able to reach the level of Sun with an airplane. Have these people even left a front of their computer?
    If you stick a paper card to lightbulb, light appears to be at the front of the paper card, like the Sun appears to be on this picture. Also, its light is less intensive because it is scattered and dimmed with clouds foreground. It was explained well on metabunk
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  3. This website exposes the flat earth map deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.


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