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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Quick Debunk: Atlanta Skyline from 74 miles away should be IMPOSSIBLE on a Globe! (oh really?)

Flat Earth Meme tries to suggest that the Atlanta skyline from "a distance of 74 miles" would be 3650 feet of curvature so this view should be impossible.

What's the #1 rule of Flat Earth Memes?


The original for this image is "Atlanta and Suwanee Mountain were both visible from the top of Blood Mountain today", here is the high resolution version:

Blood Mountain to Atlanta is 72.89 miles -- I'll give them a pass on that one but they are already starting with a significant error of 109 feet.

At 74 miles the 'curvature' (aka the drop height from a tangent) would indeed be 3652.1 feet.

The problem is our observer is on a mountain that is 4460 feet tall!

Adding that FACT into the equation we find that only 52.6 feet of Atlanta should be hidden

This is completely consistent with the view we see.

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