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Friday, June 2, 2017

Quick Debunk Beau Rivage Casino Hotel from 13.1 miles away proves Earth is Flat

The Video:

What we see...

The Beau Rivage Casino Hotel is 346 feet (or maybe 347 feet).

Since the top section of the building is ~53 feet high (estimated from inset image by taking the fraction of that height from the total building - confirmation of this is that the windows align very well in the overlay so our error is reasonably small).

By taking the total height (346 feet) and dividing it by our ruler length (53 feet ~ 102 pixels) we find approximately how many top sections should equal the total height of the building...

(346/53) = 6.5283

Now we just multiply that by the 102 pixels we measured and we get the estimated total height of the building in pixels.

(346/53)*102 ~ 665.8 ~ 665.8 pixels

So our whole building should be about 665.8 pixels high and THAT should align with the inset image.

The curvature drop height from here would be about 114.4 feet but since our observer is about 5 feet above the water that means that only (ignoring refraction) about 71.6 feet should be hidden.

And we can take the 71.6 feet that should be obscured by the horizon and convert that into pixels:

(71.6/53)*102 ~ 138 pixels

So about 138 pixels of the hotel should be hidden.

What we find is an extremely good match between the P900 image, the closer inset image that shows the true height of the hotel, and our calculated estimates based on those images and the information about the actual height of the hotel.

Inset image is from John Whelan:

So I would say this confirms the Globe Earth model very well.

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