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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another Sunset PROVES Flat Earth?

Our favorite Aussie pilot and Flat Earth debunker Wolfie6020 posted this video of the Sunset using his Thousand Oaks solar filter.

Which was then forwarded back to ME via a Flat Earther claiming this is proof the Sun shrinks at sunset.

So I grabbed the first, random middle, and frame before it starts setting and sized them up:

So three clear observations:

#1 it clearly does shrink VERTICALLY (as predicted by refraction)

#2 it equally clearly does NOT shrink in the HORIZONTAL.

#3 it clearly disappears bottom first, leaving the width intact and slips below the horizon, this is NOT an effect of perspective.

If this was 'Perspective' it would shrink equally in both directions.  That right there thoroughly debunks this claim (as I showed in Perspective For Flat Earthers).

However, this is a known phenomena (Flattened Sun and ATY's pages) where light from the upper rim is refracted slightly less than the light from the lower rim -- since the light paths go through different layers of atmosphere the lower ray is simply bent a bit MORE than the upper ray, making it APPEAR to be coming from a point slightly higher.

You can verify this easily by having an observer higher up who observes the Sun at the SAME time and sees less refraction.  Even an observer MUCH further away who is significantly higher will still see the rounder Sun.

Importantly here, the WIDTH of the Sun remained unchanged -- impossible on a Flat Earth with the Sun receding thousands of miles.

More Flat Earth Failures

A 42 mile wide Sun 3000 miles up would appear 48.13 arcminutes wide (impossibly large) and when that Sun is 3000 miles away (at 45 degree angle on a flat Earth) giving you 4242 total miles distant, it would appear only 34.04 arcminutes (closer to correct size) and another 3000 miles (8485 total miles) it should be only 17.02 arcminutes (impossibly tiny) and would STILL be 26.57° in the SKY!

This does NOT match what is observed.

Even at 24000 MILES away the sun should be 7.125° above the horizon...  When does the Sun set on this Flat Earth?  Does it require magic?

Flat Earth didn't predict a small amount of flattening and ZERO width reduction -- they predicted the Sun to get smaller and smaller until it hits some magical 'Vanishing Point' (which isn't a real thing, it's an artistic device).  But yet somehow manages to disappear bottom first while still being HUGE.

So Flat Earth fails.

Globe model with Refraction predicts EXACTLY what we did observe.  A small amount of differential refraction along different light paths with the solar disk disappearing bottom first with the top part still CLEARLY in view.  This is NOT how perspective makes things too small to see due to falling below our sensors angular resolution.

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