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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Moon craters prove Flat Earth because they couldn't hit the face of the Moon with the Earth in the way.

First of all... this is the STUPIDEST argument in the history of all arguments because Flat Earth usually has neither Space, nor objects moving around IN Space (lacking Space to start with) and the Flat Earth would have to be both MUCH LARGER and MUCH CLOSER to the Moon.

Aside from the complete stupidity of this line of argument...

#1 lunar rotation hasn't always been tidally locked - many craters are from before this happened

#2 the gravity of the Earth would curve the path of any incoming objects -- even a TINY deflection would suffice

#3 The Moon is (almost) 1/4th the size of the Earth but is ~30 Earth diameters away!

This means the Earth covers ONLY 2° of the sky from the Moon (the Moon is 1/2° in our sky).

#4 as you can see very clearly in high magnification Lunar videos (even the one I posted) the surface of the Moon is curved - only one point is directly facing the Earth at any moment and thanks to Lunar Libration (go look it up) that point isn't even constant.

This means that only where the Earth is DIRECTLY overhead would be blocking the Moon from a direct impact and since that point is constantly changing this is moot.

At worst, things are coming in at a SLIGHT angle (but see #7).   The Earth simply isn't a significant obstacle to anything hitting the Moon fairly head on.

#5 The gravity of the Moon curves the path of any incoming object more towards the center as well.

#6 The craters are NOT all "perfect circles" -- you need to look more closely.

#7 Most craters are actually caused by the violent explosion of the object -- so EVEN objects that impact at a good angle leave mostly round craters (google it).

So... from EVERY conceivable angle here Flat Earth is just WRONG.

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