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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Quick debunk: Red Bull Stratos jumps proves Flat Earth

Red Bull Stratos jump proves Flat Earth?

Oh really?

One Flat Meme claims it's "Planet New Mexico" -- because they do not understand the geometry of the horizon on a spheroid:

EVERY TIME you examine these claims you find the same thing -- the view actually comports with the Globe model and NOT the Flat Earth model.

Another yokel on YouTube claims the interior view shows the "horizon at eye-level".

Here is "eye-level" being MEASURED by me from a plane at two different altitudes and also by a professional geodetic surveyor, marking out level from his position on Apple Pie Hill.

But you know, this genius can just LOOK at a picture and find where "eye-level" is -- because he's a LIAR who just claims that "eye-level" is magically where ever the horizon is I suppose...

and his EVIDENCE is... the horizon is at "eye-level" because the horizon is at "eye-level"... No measurement, no nothing!  Just a bald assertion.

If that horizon was at "eye-level" then it would up near the TOP of that capsule door where the camera is located and no matter which way you pointed the camera - from that position - the horizon would be level with the camera, not well below it.

If you watch the video we see this shot matched up with the indication of being at 127,964 feet at time marker 02:34:47.  I get 1190 pixels of horizon in that view.  Now we need to know the Field of View.  We're told the capsule is 8 feet across -- take off 6 inches for insulation and the door, that puts the camera about 7 feet from the door and estimate the door is about 5 foot diameter which gives us a maximum angle of about 39.3° (2*arctan(5/2/7)) but Felix is blocking about 38% of our view (estimated 1920 pixels across with Felix blocking ~730 pixels) so that puts us at ~24.4°

Plugging that into the Horizon Calculator we get an estimate 7 pixels of apparent Sagitta from that view.

I clipped out the horizon portion of the image, posterized it so we can make out the gradations and I marked out 7 pixels high in the center.

Red Bull has a longer, 10 minute version of the jump.

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