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Monday, June 19, 2017

Quick Debunk: Stars would run out of Oxygen

Wow, I don't even know where to start on this one?

However, if you are a Christian Flat Earther and you believe that Bearing False Witness is a sin then you might want to try to at LEAST understand the actual model before you bear false witness against it.

You can think the model is WRONG but you can't just lie about it.

And backup image:

Ok -- the MODEL is that the Sun is a giant ball of mostly HYDROGEN gas 1.989 × 10³⁰ kg

This amount of mass, thanks to Gravity (and yes, I know Flat Earthers deny gravity but that IS THE MODEL -- and they have yet to actually disprove anything -- and Einstein already 'disproved gravity' because under Relativity it's a fictitious force), creates tremendous pressure which causes some of the Hydrogen to fuse into Helium which releases a tremendous amount of energy as Helium has slightly less mass (and E=mc²) -- and eventually heavier elements are also created (and most of the elements heavier than Iron come from Supernova and Neutron star collisions).

There is NO OXYGEN involved -- Oxygen is PRODUCED by this nuclear synthesis in fact.

I suggest you research nucleosynthesis beyond this because it also matches up the amount of each element we observe in the universe pretty well with Nuclear theory.  And when we've believed we found a disagreement, so far, it's always been found that we had made an error (like excluding Neutron Star collisions was a big one).

There are many ways that we know the mass and composition of the Sun.

First we observed how angles work and how a more distant object appears to move less in your angular vision than a closer object.  From this we worked out how to use this Parallax effect to find the distances to things.  From this you can find the approximate distance to the Moon (and now we can bounce lasers and radar off the moon and use signal propagation times to directly measure the speed and distance to the Moon).  Using the Moon you can get a good estimate of the distance to Venus.  And then they used a Solar Transit of Venus to find the parallax of the Sun and get a good estimate of that distance.

If the Sun and Moon were only 3000 miles away and the ground was flat you could TRIVIALLY take any two people 100 miles apart and measure the angles to the Moon and Sun and find the distance.  That doesn't work because the Sun is EXTREMELY distant which means the observed Parallax is TOO SMALL TO USEFULLY MEASURE (at least without heroic efforts).

Once you work out the orbits for all these objects you can use this information to deduce their Mass as well.

I'm not going to do all that here -- it is extremely well published and covered in every elementary book on the subject.

The point here is that Flat Earthers continue to lie about everything while whining that other people who aren't lying are lying to them (because they lack the education to understand or analyze the subject matter properly).

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