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Monday, June 19, 2017

Earth's Rotation

Flat Earthers lie about the Michelson–Morley experiment and claim it shows stationary Earth but that is simply not what it was built to test.  You want the Michelson–Gale–Pearson experiment (1925), The Effect of the Earth's Rotation On The Velocity Of Light which very definitely was built for this purpose and gave a positive result.

A giant, modern version is just becoming operational and will measure changes in Earth rotation from earthquakes, weather, tsunamis, etc: Rotational Motions in Seismology (ROMY)

I've also previously posted about the Compton experiment measured the rotation of the Earth using a tube of water with small particulates (How Compton computed Latitude, direction to North, and length of a day).

Gyrocompasses find geocentric North using the spin of the Earth, here is one in operation:

Every major ship in every Navy was fitted with Gyrocompasses around the time of World War II because they are far superior to a magnetic compass -- most big ships today still have modern versions and more are moving to MEMS/FOGS/Ring Laser gryocompasses (MK39 4A Ring Laser).

Here is how Gyrocompasses are designed (notice how they are NOT simply toy gyros):

SAGNAC ring detecting Earth spin (and many scientific studies)

PS Move detecting Earth spin

Wolfie6020 tests Earth spin with a mass at different latitudes

And there are THOUSANDS of other scientific papers and experiments on Earth's Spin.

It's fine if you don't want to trust existing science -- in fact, it's NOT science if the methods aren't published for replication -- but it's also NOT FINE to lie about things you don't understand and haven't personally tested -- or when shown that your test methodology is flawed to fail to correct it (as is the case with Flat Earthers pretending to test gyroscopes but failing to even ATTEMPT to calculate how much resistence their gyroscope-system has and compare it against the expected forces acting on the gyroscope from Earth's rotation.

They don't show these things because they don't understand them so they put out false videos and credulous Flat Earthers then parrot them like Gospels.

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