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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quick Debunk: Russianvids - Nikon P900 Digital Camera Sun Zoomed At Sea At Sunset Proves Flat Earth

I can smell Flat Earth BS from further away than a Nikon P900 can zoom into.

Russianvid? I guess the Russians are trying to undermine world Education by pushing Flat Earth.

Anyway,  Another low quality (stolen?) video proof of 'Flat Earth' cuz zoom right?

In reality, just another example of Flat Earthers not understanding how exposure works.

We've covered this many times but I put together a quick refresher:

So what do we see this video?

Um -- why doesn't it get bigger if we zoomed into ii

We know that zoom doesn't bring back things that are actually over the horizon:

If you want to impress me with your Sunset video make sure I can see some details in the Sun -- ONLY THEN are you getting an accurate measurement of WHERE the sun actually is and what size it is.

To do that you'll need to add a good filter or welding class in front of your lens and THEN you'll see a sun that looks more like this:

And if you REALLY want to get better data, use an actual quality telescope:

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