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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Quick Thoughts: Telescopes and the Flat Earth

I don't even know what to do with this information other than share it...

Does this guy REALLY not understand that it's just a database of where to point in the sky?  There is no projector or imager in the telescopes.

You get worse images from these smaller scopes than you get from mine, which is fully manual and you can look inside the tube and even disassemble the tube completely and verify there are just 2 mirrors in there -- the larger one is on the back and the smaller one angles the light up into the eyepiece, which is at the front where the light comes in.

Meade LX70 R6

But, of course, the illuminaughty are all powerful and can apparently embed billions of images into the very mirror itself along with sensors so it knows exactly where it is and which way it's pointing -- I'm assuming this is all alien technology that nobody else seems to have...

And yet, when I point it at terrestrial objects I see them perfectly clearly (albeit inverted).

He was unable to say specifically what was 'false' about it, but you know, he just KNOWS it is false, cuz magic.

Do they have any ACTUAL evidence this is taking place?  No

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