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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Flat Earth Follies: Magic Fish-Eye Holes in Airplane Windows

The Hilarious Claim (showing very poor reading comprehension)

In response to @turner_d posting this image to show that airplane windows limit your field of view which makes it harder to see any curvature at altitude:

Figure 1

This guy posts the AIRPLANE WINDOW HOLE nonsense!


Read that again carefully... to explain why we CANNOT see curvature from airplanes the Flat Earther says it's because the window is a fish-eye lens...

Let me rephrase as a positive statement:  You COULD see the curvature but the magic window hole makes it a fish-eye lens.

Ok, I know that isn't what he MEANT, but that is what he said because he didn't bother to read or try to comprehend what David had said.

More Reality

As explained in US5988566A the purpose of the hole is to allow the pressurized cabin to primarily put force on the outermost pane of glass first.  Should the outer pane break the next pane will hold and not allow rapid cabin depressurization (the tiny hole isn't going to leak much).  It's a super cheap way to make sure the outside pane breaks first by unloading the inner pane.

I'm always amazed at the STUPID crap these people come up with.

Figure 2. Ridiculous Flat Earth lies

If they want to create a magic "lens" window to deceive everyone they would not put in this inlet port and instead control the pressure between the outer and middle panes.  This claim is stupid on the face of it.

Oh yeah, Flat Earth'ers are also liars who changed the labels on the original diagram too:

Figure 3. original diagram exposing Flat Earth lies

Meme Version

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