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Friday, October 13, 2017

Curvature on Parade: The Turning Torso video by Mathias Kp

This is a really nice video of a building called the Turning Torso done by Mathias Kp, complete with GPS stamps at different distances (slightly different heights but generally around 3 meters).

He's also got the images stored in flickr so you can download them and he has some nice overlays and analysis already done (including one that looks at possible refraction coefficient in each shot).  I took one and added some additional analysis to it, I assumed a fixed refraction for this analysis because all the buildings are scaled to match the first one.

I took the image with nearly the whole building and used the visible section to estimate the number of pixels per meter.  This gives me a rough way to convert the Hidden Height values to pixels so we can see about where the bottom of the building would be and see how those match up -- it's not perfect, but since the building is very vertical and the distances are large the error is fairly small.

I calculated the estimated Height of Distant Object Hidden for each Observer Height and Distance recorded using an estimated 20% refraction using my FEI calculator.

Unsurprisingly, the results show that the missing height of the building estimated puts the bottom of the building in a fairly consistent location.

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