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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Analysis: Sun HOTspot debunks all FAKE Flat Earth models - Nikon coolpix P900

Another "Hotspot" claim... This one is so stupid I suspect this guy of being a POE...

He claims that the Sun cannot even be 3000 miles up (calling other Flat Earthers "Shills"):

Figure 1. The Claim, from YouTube video

Ryanair does fly out of Dublin and that looks like the Dublin airport so this seems to be accurate enough.

We take off with the Sun fairly low in the sky so I assume this is about 10 am in the morning.  But it doesn't really matter what time it was, the Sun's subsolar is always thousands of miles away from Dublin & Europe in the winter, they are too far North.

Figure 2. for 10 Dec 2016 at 10am Dublin time, Sun subsolar point: 22° 58' S, 28° 15' E
So that point is about 5650 miles away from the Dublin airport.

Figure 3. Google Earth view of Dublin airport and Sun's subsolar point at 10am on 10 Dec 2016

So, once again, Flat Earthers make claims from sheer ignorance instead of bothering to look anything up and see what might actually have been the case.

These are simply reflections off rough water:

Figure 4. How reflections work: all depends on the angle from light to your eye

Watch Sky Sparkane's excellent video showing how reflections work on a sphere vs a plane:

See my similar posts on the claims about "Hotspots proving a nearby Sun" from these other videos:

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