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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Nibiru appears!  Indisputable evidence!

Original Image Copyright: Barry & Noemi Diacon

Wow, that is really amazing.

We would be STUPID to suspect that something else might be going on, right?

Even APOD: A Triple Sunrise Over Gdansk Bay said "a sincere photographer claims the effect was visible to the unaided eye".

Ok then, that settles it, Nibiru is real.

Oh wait... what was that?

You photographed it through double paned glass?  Hmmm

You have SECOND image?   ఠ_ఠ


And the images shifted as the camera moved?  𝄇⥀.⥀𝄆


I guess nobody on the Conspiracy-nonsense side DID THEIR RESEARCH.

Shocking, I know.

Conclusion from the APOD discussion:
This thread is now locked. The cause of the triple sunrise was determined to be a double paned glass window (double glazed). 

Conclusion: BUSTED

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