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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Haha NO CURVE! Wait, I mean it LOOKS LIKE a curve cuz perspective.


Well, first of all, Flat Earthers don't understand perspective, which I've covered at some length:

Secondly, it's always funny to see how Flat Earthers shift from

"Haha NO CURVE!"


"No, it only LOOKS curved cuz perspective"

or sometimes...

"FAKE MATH" (the same 'math' they are using to try to prove there is no curve)

I've covered numerous long distance views and this is always what they do -- but then they fail to follow-up and acknowledge that they are wrong about perspective.  Perspective simply cannot hide half of a mountain behind the ground, which is below your line of sight.  Perspective doesn't curve anything like that.

Atlanta Skyline from 74 miles away should be IMPOSSIBLE on a Globe! (oh really?)

Canigou from 160 miles - a study in 'Perspective'

Fort Myers to Naples - Flat Earth failures continue

Flat Earth Follies: Mount Denali from Hilltop Ski Area

Flat Earth Follies: Reunion Island from Mauritius - 149 MILES!

Flat Earth Follies: Another Mountain, Another Flat Earth Failure

Flat Earth Follies: Mount Diablo from Loomis CA

Flat Earth Honesty: A Mountain Of Evidence

Flat Earth Follies: The Incredible Shrinking Mountain

How many of these do we have to cover before Flat Earthers learn they must:

#1 take into account the observer elevation

#2 not LIE about the distances

#3 take into account refraction, especially on 100+ mile views

Those three things account for almost 100% of their error.

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