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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Sun is Setting on the Flat Earth: 100% ABSOLUTE PROOF EARTH IS FLAT!

Sydney, 17 Nov 2016

Silly Globe Earther (and Professional pilot) Wolfie6020 posts this video very clearly showing Sunset from his location.

I thought SURELY this would finally prove the Earth Was Flat at last so I got out my handy Flat Earth Map.  Ok -- let's say it's maybe not 100% accurate -- we'll just try to get an idea of just how WRONG the Globe Earthers are, LOL.

So we jump over to to find out where the Sun was at sunset in Sydney.

Haha, stupid Ball Earthers - they are about to get their ball handed to them...

Look at this! Proof!  I made a map with a line on it!

Um... wait... What did that video show?

The Suns sets where?

What... 246° from Sydney!?  That's South of due West!

Wait... that would mean...


Night night Flat Earthers...


  1. All im gonna say is... finally the proof ive been talking about has been laid out... thank you dark star

    1. Well, thanks to Wolfie for the clear observation - I just plotted it on the goofy "Flat Earth" map. I've shown this to many they've given two excuses:

      #1 "never said that map was accurate". Which is irrelevant but that never stopped a Flat Earther.

      #2 "the sun doesn't actually set so that's a false observation" -- But I have no idea what that has to do with where the sun is directly over at a specific point in time verses which direction is it from Sydney. But then Flat Earthers aren't known for their ability to think critically.


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