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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Flat Earth Follies: O'ahu from Kaua'i

O'ahu seen from Kaua'i

There are a couple of these floating around the Flat Earth globe.

Terry Robinson has a video Flat Earth Proof: Oahu seen from Kauai more than 90 miles away

In this video he shows two different views

#1 is near Wailua River Over which seems to be very near 22.046347° -159.354560° (telephone pole and street sign match his video).  The claim is this is from 200' and Google Earth estimates 197' so this is also a good match.

Terry shows the islands being "108 miles center to center" -- however, this location is about 80 miles from the Kaena Point area (along Satellite Tracking Station Road), ~80.7 miles from a 1907' peak, and ~86.3 miles from Mount Ka'ala peak (4026') on Oahu.

So 108 miles, while accurate for center-to-center is irrelevant -- why give this value?

The Hidden height for these locations are 2157'-2631' / 2207'-2690' / 2622'-3185' giving the range as between 'Standard Refraction' and raw Hidden with no refraction.

The Tilt angle at this distance is a mere 1.249 degrees, undetectable at this distance under idea conditions -- much less when looking at sloping, uneven terrain.

So what's the problem here?  We're clearly NOT seeing the entirety of the island.

#2 is at ~150' elevation near Lihue airport, don't have exact location so haven't focused on this location yet. But it does show less of Oahu by the amount we would expect from a 50' drop in observer height.  So again, what is the problem here?

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