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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Flat Earth Consequences

Just a few of the consequences of believing in Flat Earth...

(Thanks to JW3HH for the idea)

You must believe that every astronomer and most of the scientists are either liars/traitors/in on a VAST conspiracy or are utterly incompetent.  Because everyone using an Equatorial mount can see it track objects in the sky all night and track the Sun all day but somehow the Sun is magically taking a sharp turn at turn so it isn't REALLY going on the other side of the Earth DESPITE this being exactly where the EQ mount is tracking it and the way the EQ mount works is it simply tracks a circle in a fixed plane.  So the sun is moving EXACTLY in this plane all day but magically after sunset it would have zoom around never ACTUALLY going below the observers ground-level only to reappear at dawn in the same plane.

You have to believe that Gravity doesn't exist despite a vast array of evidence that no Flat Earther has ever actually defeated other than to blindly call scientists liars.  Almost every college-level physics student repeats the classic Cavendish experiment but dozens of different methods all agree (see Compton's method).  They even do experiments where they move a very large mass above a fountain of cold atoms and observe the resulting decrease in the rate at which the atoms fall.  Furthermore, the undeniable acceleration of gravity is unlike ANY OTHER type of acceleration known because it does not register on an accelerometer -- rather you register 1G at rest on Earth's surface and that drops to ZERO when the object is in Free Fall.

That, despite the fact you can easily walk to the front of the Concorde going 1354 miles per hour, somehow you should be tossed around like a rag doll because you are moving along with the Earth's surface at 1040 mph.

That the horizon rises to "eye-level" despite the very clear evidence from surveyors and even phone theodolite apps that it does NOT.  The angle measured here (by ME) matches the prediction of Globe.

And even videos using a water level

You have to believe that EVERY Satellite is a fake -- despite the fact that millions of Satellite TV dishes ONLY work when pointed very high in the sky (especially in Southern US) and even the SLIGHTEST misadjustment makes it stop working.

That every image of a globe is either Faked or is the result of a "Fish Eye Lens" -- EVEN videos done by Flat Earthers that do NOT use a Fish Eye Lens show curvature when they are sharp enough, the horizon clearly visible, and have a sufficient Field of View.  Himawari 8 & 9, GOES-16, DISCOVR/EPIC all deliver high-resolution full frame images of Earth at a high rate.

That the thousands of people who work in Antarctica lie about seeing 24 hours of sunlight during the northern winter months.

That you CAN see Polaris from sea-level more than a few degrees south of Equator despite nobody being able to produce evidence of such.

That the altitude (the angle above the Horizon) of Polaris in the Northern latitudes equaling your Latitude is some kind of Jedi Mind Trick by "NASA".  On a Flat Plane this would be impossible.  And yet, the angles to Polaris somehow manage to EXACTLY work on a Globe (see also Sun angles).

That southern star trails do not rotate around an area in the Southern Sky exactly opposite where the center of rotation is in the Northern Sky (which BTW is *NOT* Polaris -- Polaris is 20 arc minutes off center and is actually 2 stars itself (very close together).  Like this one taken from the Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador taken in extreme wide angle view (the circular border is actually the entire horizon).

That star trails somehow magically form a Circle for all observers (also why EQ mounts work) when ANY attempt to recreate this shows that a Dome of stars would give elliptical star trails except at the North Pole.

That mountains magically shrink with distance.

I bet you can think of more...


  1. I wrote a similar paragraph in one of my answers on Quora:

    ''And finally, to be a flat-Earther, you need to be EXTREMELY paranoid to believe that a lot of people (ranging from commercial pilots to meteorologists; astronomers to seismologists; navigators to artillery soldiers) are all involved in a massive conspiracy to hide the shape of the Earth (despite being a falsifiable theory that only requires a basic grasp of geometry, mathematics, natural sciences and (but no so much) common sense). You need to believe every single person involved in the management of space missions (TV and GPS satellites; the ISS and deep space probes) is lying. You need to believe that every single satellite and probe launch is a false flag. You need to believe and blindly accept that every single shred of evidence for a spherical Earth is either a hoax, it’s fake or it’s a conspiracy.''.

    1. By the way, glad to see your posts again. :-)

    2. Yeah -- I'm kind of hoping people will post more "consequences" here - I really only scratched the surface and you mentioned some I didn't already.

      Haven't been posting as much lately because I'm running out of interesting claims to post about :)

      Hit me up on twitter @ColdDimSum if you have any ideas for specific claims that would be interesting to do a post on. I can't really cover long rambling videos that make all kind of absurd claims but I can try to cover specific points if they seem interesting.

  2. Yeah debating them is pointless and oh look a very dumb and debunkable twitter I found.

  3. A great list. It's not enough to convince the True Believers (nothing is), but I believe there is benefit in having this info out there for people who might be on the fence.

    an ancillary benefit of debating flat-earthers, is that it forces many of us to brush up on our science, physics and astronomy... and in so doing we gain a deeper appreciation for how amazing the system is and how much we know. It is sort of sad that most of us otherwise wouldn't take much time to look up at the sky. We all take a lot of scientific knowledge for granted... it is taken Millennia of accumulated knowledge and observations to know these things matter of fact.


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