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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Celestia Recreation: Apollo 11 Earth AS11-36-5355

I happen to own an original 8"x8" print of this image so this was fun.  This is the NASA high-resolution scan of the image designated AS11-36-5355.

Apollo 11 Earth AS11-36-5355
A little research showed that this was taken on 1969 July 16th around 1211Z from 98,000 nautical miles - here is the result in Celestia:

Celestia recreation of AS11-36-5355

This is the power of the scientific model we have built, based on thousands of years of detailed observations and study of physics.  Almost all of the planetary model that enables this exquisite level of detail to be exactly recreated is based on a SINGLE observation -- that mass mutually attracts proportional to GmM/r²

From this and the basic physics of motion we get the planetary motions that predict and recall the motions of the planets over thousands of years -- and we also find that we must add Relativity to get the motions down to the next level of accuracy.  No measurement made thus far have proven this model to be wrong.

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