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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Quick Debunk: YouTube: Flat Earth 6.95 mile curvature zoom test

Another COMPLETELY dishonest Flat Earther video -- call me shocked.

Once again, they completely IGNORE the height of the observer.


curvature drop (H) = 8 inches * d * d = 8 * 6.95 * 6,95 = 386.85 inches = 32 feet (9.5 meters)

Where did they demonstrate an accurate height of the camera above the water?

For that to be accurate that camera lens has to be half-way under the water so the center of the lens is EXACTLY at zero elevation.  Any higher than that and they are lying to you.

Oh there it is -- the camera is well above the water...  I estimate about 4 feet above the water level.

So what DO we end up seeing?  Do we see the shore of the 6.95 mile away beach?

No, we some typical blurry as all hell P900 footage where we can *maybe* barely make out the top of the rock wall.  Why do Flat Earthers refuse to buy a good camera?

So Let's see what that view looks like up closer.  What I did was mark a 3D line in Google Earth Pro from their claimed observer location to the "dome" on that middle building.

That gives me their line-of-sight to that building.

If I put my view down closer to the water then I cannot see the archways on that building.  This means the observer line-of-sight is well above the water at this point.  This is why I put the observer at 4 feet.

That puts the estimated hidden height at 13.5 feet.

This matches very well with what we actually observe in the video.

We CANNOT see the shoreline, we do not see a very substantial portion of the rock wall.

That wall is about 11 feet high, and a couple more feet down to the water line puts us right at about 13 feet hidden.

Even at just 2 feet above the water we would only have 15 feet hidden if you apply standard surveyor refraction of 14%

What no Flat Earther will honestly address here is why don't we CLEARLY see the bottom of the rock wall?  Where did it go?  Why is it hiding?

They will appeal to "perspective" but I've shown again and again that perspective CANNOT hide just the bottom of an object -- it makes the WHOLE object smaller in proportion.  If it was too small to see the bottom it would be too small to see the top.

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