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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Supplement: Sly's Blackpool Tower analysis

Sly doesn't seem to have Google Earth Pro (where you can draw 3D lines & polygons) so I thought I would add a few bits of information about Blackpool Tower and the surrounding geography beyond his Live Stream.

Our subject is Blackpool Tower and I've drawn a 3D polygon where the Heart is:

The aerial image Sly shared was from aeroengland -- which is from the backside but shows nicely what should be well lit on the piers.

And one more view from webbaviation shows that the lighting gap on the Ferris Wheel isn't always in the same position:

Here are the 3D sightlines drawn from Hoylake -- you can see the heart sightline is just a bit above the Ferris Wheel, which is why you can't see the Ferris Wheel -- which means about 165 feet is hidden from view.

Shnaz Shin also points out that the images in question were taken at low Spring tides so we're seeing further than we would at a high tide.

If we use 14% refraction in our calculator we estimate an observer height of about 21 meters above the water level at the tangent to give ~165 feet hidden.

And... Google Earth Pro crashed and lost all my markers so I guess I'm done for now.  Asking for more details and might do more updates based on that.

Ok, got more data...

N53° 23' 56.69"
W3° 10' 36.32"
date 29 Apr 2017
time 2115

So taking the image from Ranty's video I did as Shnaz Shin did and overlayed it along the lines of sight from Hoylake.  I 100% agree with Shnaz Shin -- this is NOT the mirror ball and you CANNOT turn the world sideways and try to overlay the image as Ranty wanted to do, that's just ridiculous.

I did the overlay at several points and you can see how the scale remains aligned with the lines of sight.

Even if the Earth was flat it wouldn't be the mirror ball, it's WAY LOWER than the top of the HUGE rollercoaster right behind it!

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