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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Antarctic Treaty

Ok Globulists

What about that Antarctic Treaty!?  You'll NOT escape this wall of text and ice!

Wait... You mean this one? [1959 Antarctic Treaty PDF]

Read the whole thing - it's only 11 pages with wide spacing.

It very simply establishes that:

  • Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only (Art. I)
  • Freedom of scientific investigation in Antarctica and cooperation toward that end … shall continue (Art. II).
  • Scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available (Art. III).

And it says that designated Observers from each country are absolutely free to go anywhere and observe (even the activities of other countries) and it establishes

It also says:

This need to make sure everyone is informed is why you need 'permission' to go there.  Somehow the benefit of such an open process escapes Flat Earthers.

But Absolutely NOTHING in the Treaty prevents normal people from going there, indeed there are flights to the South Pole that anyone can purchase a ticket for.

It FORBIDS military action which means there is no massive military of billions of people guarding Antarctica.

There are law enforcement personnel because the US has millions of dollars of research equipment there and during the summer there are a few thousand people there who need reasonable protection.  Indeed, after an incident in 1996 the National Science Foundation performed a review [PDF].  As a US Citizen in Antarctica you fall under US Federal Law which is enforced primarily by the US Marshals.  So they are the appropriate resource to be on site.

So why doesn't some rich & famous Flat Earther just go?  Because they know Flat Earth is lie is my guess and cannot bring themselves to test their biased and ignorant assumptions.

There are also supplemental treaties for environmental protection [PDF], protecting the Seals [PDF], and marine resources [PDF] which address those specific concerns -- which is where this claim about 'trespass' into protected areas comes from.

By spinning this into some fake (and yet openly documented) conspiracy is just Flat Earth nonsense.

Anyone can go -- buy a ticket and stop whining (and lying) about it.


  1. Your interpretation is nothing short of ignorant. Did you even read the first line you made reference to?? It clearly says that observation may be carried out by any parties who have the right to designate observers. Hello?? Need I say more!? Read it a thousand times til it makes sense to you because obviously you don't get it