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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Quick Debunk: Lake Ponchartrain utility poles stretching over 18mile distance

To be 100% honest I don't know if this is a P900 or some other low-end camera with poor image quality but the results are the same.

That's more like 16 miles of towers and about 15.4 to the big tall tower.

You can see here that the image quality from listenmullahsb's video is terrible compared to Soundly's images.  If you watch the video the image is completely SWIMMING due to the heat.

Here is the full frame image from Soundly [Gdrive - this is IMG_4118]:

And here is theirs -- you can tell it's a somewhat hazy day also and theirs is only some fraction of the distance Soundly captured.  Even then we see the tips of the towers falling below the lines of perspective.

If we handicap ourselves we sure can make it LOOK flatter.

I'm sorry but the two are simply not comparable.  Blurry images are not conclusive.

I don't think it was malicious but I think it was an inferior camera and inferior viewing conditions.

UPDATE: Here is an image from Soundly (IMG_4043) from the same side and I've also done an overlay with a similar shot from the other video.

NOTE - NEITHER IMAGE WAS RESIZED.  Get why the Canon images have far more detail yet?

Next I will resize, rotate, and put side-by-side.  This image showed me very clearly that the video version is missing the extra tall tower in the background that shows up very clearly in Soundly's image which is a good indication of the clarity:

In this image I mean the horizon is higher-up on the tower, and not taken from the exact same position - so there is a slight shift in perspective. T his makes it difficult to do an overlay - but you can just clearly see that Soundly's image is sharper and goes further into the distance.

Zoom power isn't everything, you also need angular resolution and higher resolution.

The fact is the P900 really only has a 357mm lens on it and the image sensor is very small (1/2.3") to give a high "Crop Factor" which makes the image look zoomed in, but you get a better image using Soundly's Canon EOS Rebel T5 with the APS-C sensor and MUCH higher resolution.

I'd like to see the P900 give us a 4608 x 3456 resolution image of this same scene.  It would compare much better.


  1. "If we handicap ourselves we sure can make it LOOK flatter." That's because it is flat and you don't know a blessed thing about perspective or refraction due to water in the atmosphere. There are many photos showing how it is all due to perspective when there is little moisture on dry land where there is no refraction downward. Do you need to be reminded of that refraction in water? Like a pencil in a cup of water? Yea. It seems you do.

  2. seriously it has been debunked........


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