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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mea Culpa -- I was wrong! True Shape Of The Earth Revealed For The First Time Ever!

This is the blog entry all the Flat Earthers have been waiting for, I'm sure.

I was wrong, mea culpa...

My eyes have been opened.

I am so W*O*K*E now I see it.

The truth was there in front of me the whole time -- in a can

Of Pringles

True Shape Of The Earth Revealed

Yes, it's true.  The Earth is clearly Pringle shaped!

It finally hit me watching all the high-altitude balloon footage.

I mean come on!

One direction it's curved up - another it's curved down.  100% proof.



Oh, and I also discovered that NASA is hiding 1000's of additional Suns with their space laser hologram technology but every once in a while we see some of the true Suns when their laser refreshes like we see with the Moon Hologram (LOL @ globulists thinking that's just jet wash! gullible NASA-holes AMIRT)

Think about it - the Dome Perspective Vanishing Point is the only way to explain what see.

Because I defined it that way.

And we can clearly see how Flight Paths do not work by looking at them on Flat Maps of the Round Earth.

Stay woke my friends.

(see flatties, I can fit random bullshit to a narrative too, it's no work of genius)

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