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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Impossible Moon/Earth Images show NASA lies [Apollo 1968 over the moon vs DSCOVR/EPIC 2015 from a million miles away]

Flat Earth Claim


I assume 'Nicholas' has some kind of issue with the scale of the Moon and Earth -- because I've seen this about 1000 times now.


Second of all -- that wasn't 1968 (not that it matters) but let's at least PRETEND to do some research if you are going to constantly tell everyone else to 'Do Your Research' (which is what Flat Earthers say when they can't actually respond to a point).

That image was from Apollo 11 - July 20, 1969 circa 04:00:15Z (frame AS11-44-6550, Apollo 11 Index, Apollo 11 Journal, -- and for fun: Apollo 17 Index, Apollo 17 Photography)

You can see here in Celestia where I wound back time to match the original and sure enough, there is Austraila, right where it should be.  It's amazing how accurate that 'fake ball math' is.  Celestia is Open Source dear Flat Earthers.

not too bad for FIVE MINUTES OF WORK.

Now, how about the perspective concern?

Well, EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera) resides in a tilted Lissajous orbit about the L‐1 point - which puts it about 1 million miles from Earth.  It has a Field of View of about 0.62 degrees, so it has a fairly long focal length.

So, a friendly ADVISORY notice to my Flat Earther friends.

This guy is NOT literally crushing your head with his giant hand.

When the hand is CLOSE to the camera it only SEEMS bigger than more distant objects.

When the moon is CLOSE to the camera it only SEEMS bigger than more distant Earth.

Ok, But WHERE is South America

Oh shoot, you got me fur sure this time!

Gosh, maybe study some geography?  It's not where you drew that big circle, that's for sure!

Literally 15 seconds on my phone shows that would be under those clouds and barely visible:

But let's do a little better than that for the blog post.

This is why Flat Earthers fail over and over and over again -- they leap to conclusions not supported by the data and they don't bother to stop and think before yelling "100% PROOF, ABSOLUTELY CONFIRMED FLAT".

It's a national embarrassment.

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