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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yet Another CN Tower from Olcott NY Flat Earth claim fails to hold water

I'll be honest, I didn't put much work into this one as it is blindingly obvious I'm embarrassed for the person who cited this as their 'proof'.

This YouTube video is supposed to 'prove' the Flat Earth.  Looks like a bad remake of Waterworld to me.

What kind of non-thinking individual can fail to see that almost the entire city is completely and utterly missing and behind the horizon here.  The horizon is very crisp and nearby reducing a lot of the near-water distortion you would otherwise see:

Anyway, here is my quick analysis...

We see about 1/2 the tower -- we would expect to see about the 1/2 the tower.


With the complete lack of information in the video that's about all we can say and I have no interest in digging further because I've done this over and over now.

If you want a more exact analysis give me EXACT Latitude, EXACT Longitude, EXACT Viewer height (not this 'about 6 feet' nonsense -- EXACT height of the center of the lens over the actual water level), EXACT camera sensor data and lens and settings, EXACT lapse rate for that sightline, AND temperature.  Without that level of detail you have a HUGE margin of error here.

What we CAN say is we expect to see ~1/2 -- we see ~1/2 -- if  you think that "Proves flat earth" you are laughably full of shit, it's that simple.

I'm off maybe 20 pixels -- Flat Earth is off by about 110.  So go figure out your error first.

As noted in the image as well -- the closer image of CN tower is looking up at the CN tower which distorts the vertical components of the tower unevenly.  To get a better "overlay" estimate you need an image of CN tower from the exact same perspective.  Good lucking getting that shot through all that water that totally isn't, in any way, whatsoever, blocking the bottom of the tower from view here.

If you want to get better data you would also need to do 2 things -- #1 have both images taken from DEAD CENTER of CN Tower so you can more accurately compare the heights and #2 have all the data I mentioned above so you can account for all the KNOWN optical effects, defects, and distortions.

Note: CN Tower specs say the tower is "553.33 m / 1,815 ft, 5 inches".  You'll also see it claimed that the CN Tower is 1500' tall -- that is the top of the SkyPod, not including the antenna tower.

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