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Monday, April 17, 2017

Earth's Axial Tilt (Globulists are CLEARLY busted this time) - The Neighbor Of The Beast!

A common Flat Earth claim I see Is about Earth's Axial tilt = 66.6 -- there is just 0.039281th of a problem...

Posted On YouTube, see full comment

Ouch!  Missed it by " that much.

23.439281 isn't 23.4.  This is like asking someone if they have ever gone 70 miles per hour in car?  Yes you say?  THEN YOU WENT 66.6 MPH YOU ARE THE BEAST!

Just makes you look stupid.

Oh, and נָשָׂא (nasa) means to Lift or Carry. To be accepted. To honor.

However, I see that 'Your Dad' means to deceive.

Maybe if we make memes they will understand better?

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