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Friday, December 9, 2016

Flat Earth Follies: The Sun Gets Smaller As It Sets

Flat Earth Claim

The Sun Gets Smaller As It Sets

The Facts

No, all you have done is allowed your camera sensor to be overwhelmed and as the Sun (or Moon) gets closer to the horizon it is going through much more atmosphere which filters out more and more of the light, so the exposure becomes closer to correct and the bright object appears closer to actual size.

I took the following two pictures with my iPhone at the same time, when the moon was well in the sky.

Moon closer to proper exposure:

Moon overexposed, taken about the same time - just wrong exposure.

The moon didn't get bigger in the few seconds between the images.

Here is a random pic I took of the moon on my iPhone on a completely different day, properly exposed & through binoculars.  Hi Moon.

And here is a streetlamp magically getting closer and closer and closer - according to Flat Earthers.

Another image series that I personally took:

Here is a debunking I did...

Far away?

The sun is about 32 arc minutes wide, that's about 11 suns so that's about 23 1/2 minutes.

How many thousands of miles did it travel in about 23 1/2 minutes to get THAT MUCH larger?

Oh noes, what shall we do?  Well, for one, that little internal reflection there actually shows us the true size of the sun in the second image.

So no, when properly exposed the Sun doesn't change size - thousands of people have verified this. You are cherry-picking your data and ignoring the obvious and well-known explanation. By making such a blatantly false statements you make yourself look disingenuous.

and another

Sunset Timelapse - By Odd Høydalsvik, Bergen, Norway
and another

APOD: 2013 June 21 - Pivato

So we see exposure explaining an apparent increase in size over and over again and we can repeatedly observer virtually no change in angular size of the Sun through the day.

We DO see the Moon change size by about 1% between the Moon on the horizon and the Moon overhead because we're actually 4000 miles closer to the Moon which is about 1% of the distance.

We DO NOT see the same 1% increase in the Sun because it's much further away.

Once again, EVERY observation fits the Globe model and Flat Earth model is just ridiculous.

Geogebra: Sun Angles on "Flat Earth Model" - by uyashib

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