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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Flat Earth Follies: Mount Diablo from Loomis CA

Flat Earth Claim

You shouldn't be able to see Mount Diablo from the "High point" of Loomis (at ~700 ft).

Further Claims:

Mount Diablo is 100 miles away

The Facts

As per usual, Flat Earthers fail to give accurate and basic information, like the location where the video was filmed.  We're told "Loomis".  Ok so Loomis is 75 miles from Mt. Diablo, not 100 miles as the video claims.

But even poking around to find somewhere about 700 foot elevation that matches the terribly filmed view (I've seen better Big Foot footage) I settled on 38°47'26.96"N / 121° 7'43.57"W Heading 214.3° as a likely surrogate / similar view.  This location is 75.8 miles from Mt Diablo.  Whatever, a few miles either way doesn't matter much.  If we had 4k stable video and accurate data...

So that puts us at a mere 1256.5 feet obscured on the old calculator of the distant mountain.

PeakFinder has no issue with this view or distance and shows that the peak of Mount Diablo should actually be JUST BELOW the LEVEL mark from our viewing location.  That means that LEVEL from 700ft here almost equals 3848 feet high 75.8 miles away at Mount Diablo.

That's because the Horizon does NOT "rise to eye-level" as claimed (and I showed).  And yes, that green reticle is marking out LEVEL with the horizon at a dip angle of 3.4° which is exactly as predicted on a Globe of ~3959 miles radius.

Ok... so here is the killer...

The diminutive Mount Diablo, missing 1256 feet at the bottom

The distant shot from Loomis is MISSING 1/3 of the mountain, as shown in the overlay due, exactly as predicted by the curvature calculation.

See also my previous posts relating to measuring mountains:

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Flat Earth fails - again.  Giving them the benefit of the doubt the maker of the video cannot use a map and got the wrong distance.  However, even at 100 miles we would still expect to see ~900 feet of Mount Diablo.

Does that earn a Pants On Fire?  I think so based on the "Game Over" claim.

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  1. This website exposes the flat earth map deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.


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