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Friday, November 11, 2016

Collection of Anti-Flat Earth Sites & Resources

I will continue to update this page over time. Things are in the order I put them in.


Blog: Gordon S. Brooks' Embrace The Ball | Book: The Earth Is Not Flat

Blog: One Big Monkey - Apollo Missions [post Sun Hot Spots]


YouTube: My own collection of YouTube videos for Flat Earth (debunking)

YouTube: Sly Sparkane's channel - lots of incredibly good animations explaining how Flat Earthers are wrong (GoPro Effect, Equinox Analysis)

YouTube: Reds Rhetoric channel - rocket launches and general Flat Earth debunking

YouTube: Jesse Kozlowski's channel - professional Geodetic Surveyor, lots of educational videos

YouTube: Wolfie6020's channel - professional pilot, part-time Flat Earth debunker

YouTube: Frank de Brouwer's - Flat Earth Nonsense

YouTube: Peter Leane's channel - good amateur science, very methodical (see Curve of the Earth)

YouTube: Keigh see's channel - few general debunking vids and some on the curvature math

YouTube: fiveredpears' channel - some salty Scottish debunking, no bs allowed

YouTube: Jennralize's channel - general skepticism w/a few Flat Earth vids.

YouTube: CoolHardLogic's channel - Bollocks!

YouTube: Astrobrant2's channel - Moon Hoaxer debunking | photobucket


Introduction to Mirages (ATY-Andrew T. Young) - a premiere resource on atmospheric refraction, includes a proof the Earth is round.

Geodetic Datum FAQ - nice summary

USGS Cors Articles

Scientific American: Transit of Venus
Scientific American: Wallace’s Woeful Wager

DSCOVR Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) view of Moon transit of Earth at 1 million miles away (video)

Vincenty solutions of geodesics on the ellipsoid (Movable Type Scripts)

Sperry Gryo Compass Manual (pdf)

Book: A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy (link)


Calculator: Angular Diameter
Calculator: |  ||
Calculator: CalSky


Experiment to Internally Measure the Earth’s Rotating Speed and the
Calculation Comparison with the Relativistic Treatment (paper)

Measurement of Newton's Constant Using a Torsion Balance with Angular Acceleration Feedback (overview & published paper).Spoilers:
Earth mass M⊕=(5.972245±0.000082)×10²⁴kg
Solar mass M⊙=(1.988435±0.000027)×10³⁰kg


Dynamic Earth Maps - animated winds, temperature, etc

Argument Department

Dark Star's twitter - please come argue with me but bring verifiable evidence & data.

Sunset Timelapse - By Odd Høydalsvik, Bergen, Norway


  1. Gravitational waves - globe wins

    1. LIGO is a double win -- "LIGO's arms are so long that the curvature of the Earth is a measurable 1 meter (vertical) over the 4 km length of each arm."


  2. This website exposes the flat earth map deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped.


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