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Friday, September 23, 2016

Flat Earth Follies: TEH Radiation!

Flat Earth Claim

We couldn't get past the Van Allen Belts because it would be too much radiation.


Why would I do an Analysis when this awesome page already exists?

Apollo and the Van Allen Belts 
an estimate of the radiation dose received
Robert A. Braeunig

His conclusion?

Based on my analysis of electrons, protons, and bremsstrahlung, the predicted total dose received by the Apollo 11 astronauts as a consequence of their transits of the Van Allen radiation belts was only about 32 mrem, or 0.016 rads (all from protons ≥100 MeV). This shows that the Apollo trajectories though the VARB were not only survivable, but that the radiation doses received were inconsequential. Of course the VARB were not the only source of radiation to which the crews were exposed. To record the actual skin doses, the astronauts worn dosimeters. These dosimeter measurements for all the Apollo missions are summarized in Table 8 (Apollo 7 and 9 were Earth orbit missions).

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