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Monday, August 22, 2016

Flat Earth Follies: a curve cannot reflect a line/column of light

Several Flat Eathers now have tried to claim that a 'column of light' cannot possibly form on a convexly curved Earth - which is just ridiculous but here we go… all will become clear.

This one I personally took on a sharply convexly curved overpass. Clear columning is observed along the convexly curved surface.

Here we observe it with sunlight all the way over the very clearly convexly curved wave!

And here is a diagram showing why.

And we don't see the full column when the water isn't rippled enough.

It's all about the angles, nothing what-so-ever to do with overall curvature or shape of the Earth.

Conclusive enough?

No, the guy just kept denying and making excuses. Anyone want to try to make a coherent argument against this?

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