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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Quick Introduction

Will be using this space to post information that counters Flat Earth claims and share resources with others.

There is so much misinformation out there that I think that even well meaning people are being led astray.

Doubt I will change any minds (if I change your mind let me know!) but this will at least make it easier for me to state my position on various claims.

And so this little adventure begins...


  1. Good work so far.

    A couple of topics that you might address:

    Maps: The maps of the Southern Hemisphere are totally screwed up. As are airline and shipping routes. This has already caused a bit of a schism within the Movement (see TigerDan123).

    Level: As in, how can water be 'flat' and curve around the globe. Or, how can a plane fly 'level' and not fly off into space.

    Rockets in vacuum: Conservation of Momentum, but there are elaborate videos arguing the rocket won't work because of nothing to push against.

    The NASA EPIC satellite sits at a stable point between Earth and Sun and takes photographs continually. I suggest you use this image on your front page: . (You have already referenced the Japanese satellite in geosynchronous orbit.)

    1. I've hit a few of these now, I talked about flights & maps here:



      I haven't done rockets but Peter Leane has attempted it:

      But I think they could always find some excuse to ignore that one. Doesn't seem compelling to me. I've got that on my list, maybe one to add to the long 'Catalog' post I did.

      I'd like to do a post on what Level itself means.

      I did a graphic for it:

      Will definitely work in EPIC at some point.

      Put all this in my TODO list in the meantime.


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